Bestselling books in politics

Bestselling books in politics

We’re still waiting for many books to come out and grace us with a flood of political slander, gossip and campaign material. I will I had a huge list of books I could put up for you today, but it’s a little early still.

Presidents Club Book coverRight now, it’s all speculation about who will run. Self-publishers are waiting to write their books and traditional publishing houses are holding off until they know, at the very least, who will be running in the primary campaigns. Once it’s established, expect the bestseller lists to top out with a variety of books from every angle.

In the 2008 election, we saw record sales for books about the Obamas. Everything from speech collection of either Michelle or Barack to their lives in the white house. We can only hope to have another candidate, either Republican or Democrat who can spur enthusiasm again for that kind of book sales. It’s good for Amazon, it’s good for self-published writers, and it’s good for the published bloggers.

Really, no one gets hurt. Oh wait. What about all the slander and bad-mouthing and attacking of families. So I guess people do get hurt. Or are they resilient as politicians have to be?

All of these assumptions and questions will be answered soon enough….

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