Book Review of 2008 sellers

Book Review of 2008 sellers

41y4zhN6u-L._SY346_The next book we’ll review from the first Obama election year is What You Should Know About Politics…But Don’t: A Nonpartisan Guide to the Issues. It’s by Jessamyn Conrad and works with the well worn, but true slogan of it’s time: this is an exciting period in American politics.

No one could argue that. We had the first non-white president elected in US history, accompanied by record book sales for living president. Not just books about him, but books about his wife and family. Good and bad. All the angels sold well. It was incredible.

Again, I can’t help but point out the red, white and blue book cover. This one is quite plain and boring and could have used some creative input. If you’re a book cover maker, please get in touch with these political book publishers and offer them a decent book cover design before the next election!

This book attempted to break through the political spin so often found in other books of the genre and tell the straight story about how each of the parties stood on major issues like the economy, Iraq, and health care. It was designed to help people brush up on the subjects and be truly informed about the issues.

Now, every published book on politics claims to be unbiased and a reliable source of the “real” truth in American politics, so it’s hard to take the claims of this book too seriously.

The book reminds us that polls show that the public’s interest in a presidential campaign usually peaks 3-6 weeks before the election takes place. I imagine this book was well timed for sales and marketing promotion at that time and will be again for 2016, as many of the topics will remain relevant.

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