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The Campaign is Here!

The Campaign is Here!

Just when you start feeling sad that another political season has passed and there’s nothing you can obsess over anymore, another one appears on the horizon. Each year, much like Christmas, the political season starts earlier than the last. It could also be argued that, like Christmas, an unthinkable amount of money is at stake. The national and local economies are flooded or deprived on economic impact from the seasons of politics and holidays alike.

In this update, we’ll look at whether or not book sales from each party show an influences on the upcoming presidential election. Book sales used to be telling of the party in favor. Not to bring up yet another holiday, but remember the sales of Halloween masks? Historically, the candidate who’s mask sold more is to be the victor in the election. Though this primitive system has proven very accurate, we’ll stick to book sales. Year after year, republicans crank out so many top sellers, you’d think the party had issued some sort of book template in their handbook.

What do we have?

At the top of Amazon’s bestselling books in politics in Glen Beck’s Dreamers and Deceivers: True Stories of the Heroes and Villains Who Made America.

It’s hard to say anymore if his book sales are a reflection of the country’s feelings and tendencies or whether he has developed and loyal brand following with the help of his syndicated radio station. Opponents will argue that democrats write loads of books as well that don’t sell with nearly the same popularity. The problem with this argument is that very few democrats have a radio show from which to promote their books. That may be for lack of demand. It may also be for lack of any daytime talk radio stations that aren’t right-wing owned.

Can a democrats’ books sell at the same level? Let’s look at it.

A quick glance at Amazon’s top sellers in politics categories says that republicans sell far more books than do democrats. And the republicans just took the Senate….