Political book of the 2008 campaign

Political book of the 2008 campaign

Political Book CoverWhile we wait for the next election, we’ll review some of the top selling books about politics that happened during the 2008 election season.

The top book that comes up in an Amazon search results is The Politics of Freedom: Taking on the Left, The Right and Threats to Our Liberties by David Boaz. A partial image of the book cover is shown on the left. For some reason Amazon is making it more difficult to use images of their book covers taken right from the product page.

The first thing you’ll notice when you pull this up is a typical and expected political book cover with red, white and blue as the only colors and a peek a boo image of the American flag. I have to say, it’s one of the  more cool book covers of this nature I’ve seen in a while.

The font and typeface hold a little more interest than what you find on a lot of these book covers, so I have to give them credit for that .

The book is published by the Cato Institute which, as you probably know, is a libertarian think tank based in Washington DC. Their aims are “individual liberty, limited government, free markets and peaceful international relations.”

According to the book description,  the book is targeting both Democrats and Republicans that no longer feel they fit into a red or blue category due to out of control spending and increased reach of government power from both parties.

What’s interesting to me is that this book is the first one up on the list when you use an advanced search for “politics” during the year “2008”. It looks like those targeted party books are no longer on the bestseller list.

What do ya’ know.

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